Laudi AS - Spesialister på app-utvikling - iPhone, Android, Windows 
Laudi AS

If you need an app for iPhone or iPad. We can make it!!!

Iphone What can we do for you!?

Lately we have been focusing on Mobile Apps development - primarily for iPhone and iPad. But we're glad to help you with an app for Windows Phone 7+ or Android too.

C#, .Net
We have more than 10 years experience from development on the Microsoft platform and master both web- and native applications. Todays projects are usually done in C#/.Net with the use of technologies like WPF, WCF, Entity framework and patterns like MVVM and Repository, to mention a few. We're just as happy creating windows- and web-services, Office integrations and other web-related services on the Microsoft platform.

Web store
We have long experience in development of Norwegian web shops and integration with payment solutions like BBS and back office and store management systems (like Uni-Micro) based on ASP.Net
We are currently engaged in building a complete backend and store for a Norwegian web shop using ASP.NET MVC 3 and EFI Code First.

Being a small company we lean on this lean methodology to ensure we keep good pace throughout our projects with focus on good relations with all stakeholders in our project - and if you need to we will be delighted to help you get SCRUMing as well
All our employees are certified SCRUM masters!