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The CoachThe Coach

Are you a trainer or coach in team sports? Do you experience the fuss every game as to who should be on the field, when and for how long? Then The Coach can help solve your problems!
The Coach is a tool for those who are coach
ing teams where players are changed in and out (a lot), and where there is lots of goals.

The main function of the coach is to give a complete overview of:

  • Which players you have on the field
  • Which players are available on the bench
  • How long a player has been on the bench / on the field
  • Total field time for a player

In addition there is also a section for registering trainings and which of the players attended.

The Coach is intuitive and easy to use - and gives you a good and accurate view of the match.

The player lists, both benched and field players, are sorted with the next players to substitute at the top to simplify the decision for coach. Simply choose the top players from the bench and substitute them with the top players on field. Following the built-in suggestions will ensure all players gets about equal play time. It's that easy!

When there is a goal you can register when (automatic) which team scored, and if it was your team - the scorer and goal assist all with 4 clicks.

Download "The Coach" today to focus more on making players better!

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The CoachThe Coach Pling

User this app to receive live messages for Teams you want to follow. Requires that someone is pushing messages from the Coacc!


The Coach Pling gives you a chronological list of messages related to your subscriptions. You can manage your subscriptions from the settings page.

Download The Coach Pling today to get those messages!

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Help 911Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels is more than just an app. It is a network for people who cares and those willing to be there when someone needs help.

When joining the network you can choose wether to be a Guardian Angel or just an invisible user until you need assistance.

Main functions of the App:

  • Guardian Angels close by are shown on the map allowing for a safe route home
  • By pushing the emergency button, Angels close by will be summoned

After emergency activation all movements of the device in distress are tracked and logged to the Guardian Angels server allowing to trace it later on. Position of the device will pop up on the summoned Angels allowing them to quickly locate and come to assistance

If you're walking home from the pub, boot up the GA app, check the density of Angels and plan you safe route home. If you feel threatened push the "I am scared" button and the App will ready the emergency mode and start to track and log your movements.<

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Help 911Help!! 911

Help!! 911 may be a lifesaving app when you suddenly are in some sort of critical situation, and the time for you to tell either the police or a family member where you are should be as short as possible.

The app has to main features:

  •  Sending SMS with your current coordinates to a collection of people you predefine
  • Calling the local emergency department

Situations where this will come to your rescue are when you are either hurt and lost or just lost, and want to send a message so your friend know where to find you. Or when you need medical help, in case of fire, or an ongoing break-in at your place.

From the settings section you can add receipients for your emergency messages. When in trouble, simple start the app and send the message. If you have time and want to add additional information or change the default messages you can, if not you can use the built-in defaults like: HELP, or EMERGENCY. Your current coordinates are always added to the message

To call the police, an ambulance or the fire department, all you have to do is push the corresponding button.

In places with low GSM coverage, you may have enough signal to send a message even though your unable to make a call. If you are stuck in a snowstorm, it could be critical information for the search and rescue team to get your coordinates. GPS signals are always good outdoors.

If Edge/3G/Wi-Fi is enabled, the app will look up the address you're at and append that to the message as well. If not, the GPS coordinates are appended.

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